Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum Choices

Last year we found that it was a bit of a trick to keep my oldest moving at his desired fast pace while my middle two wanted to take their time and do every bit of hands-on creative activities that they could get their hands on.  So, in light of that and due to having more activity in the house and needing to spend less time on planning, we have departed from Tapestry of Grace for THIS year.

I think we've hit on a great mix of curriculum for this coming school year!

Here's what we are using:

:::::Drum roll please:::::

13 year old
Math-U-See   Geometry
My Father's World - Ancient History (High School)
Apologia Biology
Institute for Excellence in Creative Writing (My review) and Elegant Essay
Homeschool Programming - Teen Coder C# (My review)
Meet the Masters

11 year old
Math-U-See   Zeta
Analytical Grammar Jr.
Sequential Spelling
Institute for Excellence in Writing (My review)
Apologia - Flying Creatures + Journal
World History Detective and Heritage History
Meet the Masters

8 year old
Math-U-See   Delta
First Language Lessons
Sequential Spelling  Edited on 8/15 to Spelling Mechanic (My review)
Handwriting without Tears
Institute for Excellence in Writing (My review)
Apologia - Flying Creatures + Journal
Creek Edge Press - Geography and Culture Task Cards (My review)
Meet the Masters

"Toddler/Pre Schooler"
An assortment of hands-on learning from My Father's World, Before Five in a Row and whatever else The Nip Napper desires!


  1. Wonderful line up! I just love the Who Am I? series. We're trying IEW this year and I'm so excited. We've yet to find the writing program that really clicks with us.

  2. Great!! Thank you for sharing your curriculum. I have been seeing a lot of IEW on everyone's page -- feeling a little left out. ;) LOL! Take care and I pray Homeschooling High School deems great because we have a freshman also!! I'll be needing some encouragement!! Happy Homeschooling!

  3. Stopping by from the Curriculum Choice Blog Roll.

    I love checking out what curriculum other homeschoolers are using.

    I notice you are using Apologia for science too! This will be our third year using it and we will be studying Botany this year.

    I host an Apologia Blog Roll on my blog if you are interested in linking up. It's a great way to connect with other Apologia users and gain some tips, advice, and encouragement.