Thursday, July 12, 2012

John Audubon, Young Naturalist Book Review!

We've read many biographies in our household.  The Young Patriots Series stands out in this genre because it concentrates on the childhood of American heroes and heroines.  Revealing the *spark* of discovery that molded them into the remarkable adults that history remembers.

John Audubon, Young Naturalist Patria Press Book Review
John Audubon
Picking up John Audubon, Young Naturalist, I was instantly swept into his enthusiasm and engaged in a world where I too saw birds differently.  Even his desire for his nature drawings to be "free, alive and moving" was infectious.

I can not wait to share Jean Jacques' early days in Haiti to a farm in Pennsylvania and beyond with my children!  This year we are studying Flying Creatures and I know the addition of this masterful, artistic, preserver of flying nature will only augment their learning!

In fact, Patria Press includes FREE downloadable Teachers' Guides and Webquests   packed with additional learning opportunities for each of the 14 titles in this series!  This would make a perfect activity for summer reading!

I am very pleased with this book and downloadable Teachers' guide.  I will definitely be incorporating more of these book in our future homeschool lessons!

I received a copy of John Audubon free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This book sounds really interesting! We don't live too far from the John Audubon State Park and I've been wanting to take my kiddos to visit. Hopefully we can check out this book before we go:)