Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - School & Legos....Not JUST for boys!

So this week in our Homeschool, we had a smashing time at the most awesome, hands-on VBS ever!   Entitled, "The Great Awakening: Adventures on the American Frontier....Come meet some of the great preachers and evangelists from the 1800's, visit a blacksmith, make butter, learn to cane a chair, make a leather pouch, play games from the American frontier...all in this living history style VBS."

In addition to my oldest naviagating his way through Greek Mythology, Geometry and starting an Art History class that we hope to get college credit for (!) , the rest of the crew kept busy...

Building the capital
My 11 year old building The Capital

Creek Edge Press Task Cards
My 3rd/4th grader working on her Geography Task Cards from Creek Edge Press

Walking Stick - mom and baby
A little nature observation....a mother Walking Stick with her baby on her back!

And finally, my daughter takes a stab at creating her very first movie about her Lego Friends .  Her brothers contribute to the scene with their Ninja Warriors!

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