Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating Friendship Bible Study Review & GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks back, I agreed to review one of Judith Couchman's books.  The catch?  I had no idea which book I would receive.

Knowing God's timing, I trusted that I'd receive the one that I needed most.

I chuckled when I opened the package and inside was a Bible study on Celebrating Friendship!

I admit that in this very busy season, it is easy to put myself last - namely taking time to foster female friendships.

....."Okay, so this didn't happen to you.  But you recognize the s-t-r-e-s-s that leaks into your life, travels up your spine, ands stiffens your neck with its relentless grip.  In fact, with the kids, the job, the church, the husband (or ex), the neighbors, the finances, the relatives, the cleaning, the shopping, the everything else, you wonder if you're going to spin irrevocably out of control.  Or when you'll ever take care of yourself.

Go to Starbucks and sip coffee with friends?  You just can't afford to take the time.

But really, you can't afford not to.

Researches say good friends contribute to your overall wellness.  In other words, if you carve out time to nurture meaningful, listen-to-each-other friendships, you'll be happier and healthier - and you'll live longer, too."

Although Celebrating Friendship is best used in a group setting, you can glean much insight using it on your own as well.

Each of the 6 lessons is divided into six sections:  A Moment for Quiet Reflection, Knowing God's Heart, Friendship Boosters, Just for Fun, Praying Together and Making it Real in Your Own Life.  Plus there are notes written specifically to the group facilitator/leader included.

This study is filled with scriptures to explore to help you with expectations, working out differences, mediation, supporting one another and sharing joys and triumphs.

Ultimately helping you see WHY you need friends.

As for myself, I appreciate the majority of this study.  There were a few questions/exercises such as the following that I just found to be awkward....

"Suppose that this week, you need to lovingly express an expectation to a friend:  You think you should spend more time together.  Devise a step-by-step plan for managing the conversation".  
 The next question is

"Now create an addendum to the plan.  If your friend balks at giving you more time what is your method for working through your difference in needs and opinions".

Personally, Jesus fulfills my needs, so, I wouldn't put that expectation upon anyone else!  Even so, I would still enjoy doing this study with a handful of  other ladies!!!

AND, you can enter to win a set of 3 different autographed books from author Judith Couchman!

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I received a copy of Celebrating Friendship free of charge in exchange for an honest review!

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