Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Do You Know Frida Kahlo?

Anniversary Roses

During this week, we celebrated the very heart of our homeschool..... our 18th Wedding Anniversary!!

We continued our study of World Cultures by reading through Material World.  It a fabulous book that lists various countries by continent listing facts PLUS shows how an average family from the country lives.  It's fascinating and was eye opening for my children!

Material World - A Global Portrait

In our Non-co-op Co-op, the older kids learned about Paul Gauguin.  First, they tried their hand at some techniques by making a thatched hut and palm trees.

Meet the Masters - Paul Gaugin

Next they put that technique to work drawing their own version of his work using oil pastels on black construction paper.

Meet the Masters - Paul Gaugin

The younger kids learned about Frida Kahlo.  Severely injured in a bus accident, Frida overcame numerous surgeries and a lifetime of pain to create colorful, vibrant paintings.  Some of which were done while she was bedridden - with her painting pictures directly overhead while lying on her back!

In this exercise, the kiddos were shown a variety of fruit.  They were to pick several and incorporate them into a vibrant, original picture, plus try their hand at shading. 

A very unique creation!
My daughter's unique 'fruit' interpretation.  A tropical bird in an orange tree.

My horse-crazed 9 year old and my veterinarian-in-training 11 year old are blessed to participate in Pony Camp where they learn horse care, safety and anatomy over the coming year.

My horse notebook

And, I'm very excited to report my oldest has almost finished his first semester of Teen Coder and is working on the short video of his final project. Review to follow shortly!

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