Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Going to the Birds and Cuddling Frogs

While the older kids were playing with 'pond scum' under a microscope, the younger kids compared  Bird Maps, listened to more common bird songs, and then tried to match them to the correct bird.

For our own scientific observations, we also made bird feeders.  We can't wait to see 'who' visits!!!

Homemade Birdfeeders
Homemade Bird Feeders

Stokes Bird Songs
After listening to the cd's , we had a 'quiz' to see if we could match the bird to its' song.

Continuing on with my 3rd/4th grader and Geography Task Cards, we read up on the Tower of Babel and studied the major world religions.  (My review of Passport to the World)

Window on the World / Passport to the World
Window on the World / Passport to the World

And, as an extra, a very cute picture of my 11 year old's frogs.  The larger one, Pickles, is a White Dumpy and the smaller and more colorful one is Button, a Blue Dumpy.  Both of these beauties are from Australia.

White Dumpy Frog and Blue Dumpy Frog
Aren't they cute?

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