Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spanish Empire from Heritage History Review and GIVEAWAY!

How would you like to learn about the Spanish Empire from a classical perspective utilizing 50 multi-level, living books?

Place the curriculum of your choice AND Spanish Empire Library in the cart and apply the discount code    LISAtips      which will deduct the $19.99 cost of the library.
Sound heavy and expensive?

Well, it's affordable, portable and INCREDIBLE!

Let me introduce you to the Spanish Empire Library from Heritage History.

Your child will read selections about Spain, South America, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Panama.  Study the Moors, Wars, Explorers and Heros.  Plus read legends Don Quixote, Alhambra and Cid!

Don't have an e-reader?  No problem, all of Heritage History's cd libraries and curricula are easily accessible on your PC or laptop.

My 6th grader has been enjoying reading selections from The British Empire.  The nice thing about these cd's is that they contain multi-levels of reading, so, his older brother can jump in too.  We will be utilizing the Spanish Empire Library more over this coming summer to branch into early American History.  Perfect!

"It can be difficult to explain to people exactly what Heritage History does, since it is very different from a typical history curriculum. We offer traditional children's history using the latest technology, and our collection is utterly unique. This introductory video, produced by one of our college student assistants, does an excellent job of explaining the type of books we offer, our learning philosophy, and how we use electronic media... It's the quickest way to learn what we're up to here at Heritage History". . . . Heritage History

Intrigued? For the next week, you can enter to win YOUR CHOICE of a cd from either Heritage History's LIBRARY or CURRICULUM collection.


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In addition, here's more exciting news - from now until October 31, Heritage History is offering The Spanish Empire library for free (a $19.99 value) with the purchase of any curriculum (5 choices: Young Readers, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire; each $24.99).


Place the curriculum of your choice AND Spanish Empire Library in the cart and apply the discount code    LISAtips      which will deduct the $19.99 cost of the library.

As an affiliate, I received Spanish Empire free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. It's all pretty great! If I have to choose, though, early American history is my favorite.

  2. The Colonial Period is my favorite. Growing up on the East Coast, we have traveled to numerous historical/Colonial sites - and I was hooked. These CDs sound great!

  3. I love the American Revolution!

  4. So far all we've studied fully is ancient history, and we love it! We're just a few weeks in to our middle ages study and loving it, too! It may turn out to be our favorite, but we are also looking forward to American history through the worldview. :)

  5. Reformation - love the whole medieval history stuff - knights, castles, etc. plus the reformation itself.

  6. I would have to say my favorite is early American history.

  7. The late 1800's American History.

  8. Early American History. Thanks! Tranhasmail@gmail.com

  9. My favorite? I think probably World War II. Maybe.