Monday, October 1, 2012

Teen Coder - Windows Programming Wrap UP!

Earning an A- and 1/2 electives credit, my 9th grader finished TeenCoder: Windows Programming from Homeschool Programming a little over a week ago.  

Windows Programming from Homeschool Programming

"TeenCoder: Windows Programming is our first semester course in the TeenCoder C# series. This course introduces 9th-12th grade students to the C# programming language, Microsoft's cutting edge technology! Students will learn to create graphical Windows applications using object-oriented design concepts."

Homeschool Programming:  Programming Activity - Number Sorter
Number Sorter Activity

Building on skills learned from the first half of this course,  he studied:  Writing & Calling Methods, Debugging & Exceptions, Collections, Object-oriented Programming, Classes in C#, Sorting & Recursion, File I/O, Inheritance &  Polymorphism.

Each of the 17 lessons in this book consists of 3-4 reading assignments, a chapter review, programming activities and a test.

Homeschool Programming:  'To do list' code
'To do list' code

The culmination of this learning is putting it all together to create a working Chess game!

Homeschool Programming - Final Project
Final Project - My Chess Game.  Program part of  a chess game from an activity starter

For the most part, my son was able to move through the second half of this class at about a week per lesson.  He found it challenging, but, not impossible.  He even made his own amateur video about his final project.  Afterwards we did celebrate the completion of Windows Programming and are looking forward to beginning Game Coding!

Final project video with explanation!

I received a copy of TeenCoder Windows Programming free of charge in exchange for an honest review!  I'm also an affiliate.

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