Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap Ups - Shapes, Shading and Transplanting

Among many activities that our Homeschool Circus has been up to the past two weeks, these are the highlights.

First up, in our Non-Co-op Co-op is our Meet the Masters class.  

My 9 year old learned about Simple Shapes and Joan Miro.  This was a piece of cake for her.

Joan Miro
Joan Miro-like artwork

Simple Shapes Joan Miro
Learning about simple shapes

My middle and high schoolers were challenged with working with shadows and Rembrandt Van Rijn.  For not being 'artistically minded' they gave it a decent try.

Shadow Rembrandt Van Rijn
Learning about shading

Shadow Rembrandt Van Rijn

Shadow Rembrandt Van Rijn
More windmills - concentrating on shading

Shadow Rembrandt Van Rijn
More attempts on shading

Shadow Rembrandt Van Rijn

On the science front, we transplanted pea seedlings.

Pea Seedlings

 I let the kids decorate their own clay pot before hand.

Painting Clay Pots
The Nip Napper carefully painting his pot.

Painting Clay Pots
My daughter putting a little pizzaz to her pot!

Painting Clay Pots
Finished pots!

Opening the plastic to get the plant ready for transplant

Ah!  A new home!

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