Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Planned Purity for Parents Review and GIVEAWAY!

I've heard many people say that teaching abstinence doesn't work.

I'd have to agree ---- in the context of the way abstinence is usually presented.

Instead of a message of "Don't do *it* until you're married", parents (and NOT educators) should be focused on the heart of their child.

"The pursuit of sexual abstinence for a season and honorable purpose is viable and even vital, but must be precluded by instruction and the development of a good (others' centered) heart."

In her newest book, Planned Purity for Parents, author Jennie Bishop instructs and encourages the parent to take responsibility with God in training up their children's hearts.

"I believe a good heart is the critical foundation for sexual abstinence outside marriage, and that any parent can train their children to guard their hearts and bodies."

Planned Purity for ParentsStarting from the ground and working up, Jennie helps you in each level of building a pure heart.

* Foundation
* First Floor (eyes, ears, breath, mouth, skin)
* Second Floor (focus, vocabulary, modesty, education, Boy/Girl interaction,       friends and technology)
* Roof (parents and community)

And completed with a white picket fence symbolizing "security in grace."

"Purity is about the condition of the heart or inner person and applies to every person at every age."

Each chapter is packed with practical applications and information.  Plus, at the end of each chapter are lists of 'building materials' which include books and websites, object lessons and much more.  This is an incredible amount of information and practical helps right at your finger tips!!!

Thinking back over my lifetime, how many pitfalls would I have avoided if I had been equipped with this kind of education?

"Just as hidden electrical problems can destroy a house, so hidden thought problems can destroy our lives from the inside out."

This is one book that parents with kids of all ages should have in their home!  It's easy to navigate with the ability to jump right to the age or issue appropriate section.

If you enjoyed Princess & the Kiss or  Squire & the Scroll, you will definitely want to add Planned Purity for Parents to your collection.  And, if you haven't started teaching your children about purity, it's never too late to start!

Enter to win a free Kindle download of this book!

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I received a download of Planned Purity for Parents free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Black Friday Support Small / Local Businesses

Just in time for the Holiday Season, please check out the following small/local businesses.  Many are run by homeschool families!


This list was compiled from Facebook friends who left a response to a post I made requesting a who's who of small / local businesses.  Businesses are listed in the approximate order I received them.  I have not had a chance to visit each one, but, will do so in the next couple of days.

Girlhood Home Companion Magazine
We produce The Girlhood Home Companion Magazine for daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, and a variety of nature journaling and writing products.
You can find us at .

Lila Rose - Heather Mason
Amazing hair clips that double as scarf clips!!

Aeroponic growing towers - Rikki Eloian

Curls & Grin Creations
Cards & paper creations. Custom orders are always welcome!
Knitting patterns start at just $1.35!  If you are or have friends and relatives who knit, please take a look at my website:

Memories in Pictures by Dave Carr (Orlando)

On Mission Martial Arts
Christian martial arts community  (Orlando)

Hands of a Child
The World Leader in Lapbook and Notebook Unit Studies for all grades! Sale going on right now! 60% off on lapbook and notebooking eBooks and 40% off on printed formats!

The Homescholar - Lee Binz
High School help and more!

Team Beach Body - Heather Dubay

Usborne Books & More - Tina Peterson
Classic Children's Books with Usborne Books & More! = Black Friday Sales begin Friday @ Midnight and continue through Monday @ Midnight. As books run out new books will be added to the sale!

6 o'clock Creations
Customized cards and crafts to fit your needs.

Make A Magical Memory
I make apparel and accessories to make your magical vacation a little more well MAGICAL!

Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study

Enchanted Parties (NW Florida)

Kid Quest Science Adventures
My name's Jason. I'm a HS dad of 5 and I just started KidQuest Science Adventures, fun science curriculum for kids. I just finished my first title Wild at the Zoo and I'm very excited to get the word out about it. You can find them at my e-junkie store here. My FB page is

Barn Yarns (MN)

Rag Bag Originals (MN)

Blue Skies Blue Waters Photography (MN)
All photos were discounted recently, perfect timing for some early Holiday shopping! I appreciate every single purchase, and through the end of the year, all purchases will come with a coupon for 20% off your next purchase!

Fairytale Pattern Designs
I design digital sewing patterns for children's clothing and I'm a homeschool mom, too.

Roman Roads Media
Video Curriculum, Classical Education, Christian
Small and young, but passionate about what we do!

Creative Reading for Kids Great for home schoolers and two more books coming within the month!!

Firm Foundation home inspections (Orlando)

Stationary and Such

Thirty One - Jennifer Altman

Usbourne Books - Jennifer Altman

doTERRA - Jennifer Altman
Essential Oils

Close to my Heart - Jennifer Kimball
Scrapbooking/stamping supplies! Great November specials happening now.

Usbourne Books
Want good deals on black friday without going anywhere?? Check out the Black Friday deals from Usborne Books! They will be great!!! Don't forget to stock up on these quality, educational books for the kiddos!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Digital Worship iPad apps GIVEAWAY!

Have an iPad and looking for some new Christian / Creation-based apps?  Check out Above Gold, Heavens Above and Bible Shuffle from Digital Worship.  Then, enter to win.  One blessed winner will receive a download for each app!

Above Gold

Above Gold from Digital WorshipWhat is valued above gold? God's Word!

Above Gold is a new iPad app where you can earn gold and precious gems when you unscramble Bible verses -- the real treasure!

Designed and developed by a Homeschool Dad, this new app's goal is to help you and your kids learn and meditate on God's Word. You can unlock four levels of difficulty from "easy" to "hardest"...starting with short scripture verses and moving into longer and longer ones. 
Above Gold from Digital Worship
To get the gold, you need to beat the clock to solve the puzzle. Use the golden arrows to roll the letters into the right position and create the verse. You can use hint buttons to reveal the reference, the verse or both, but it will cost you some time. 

More and more loot is added to your treasure chest as you complete each puzzle. By the end, your chest is filled with coins, gems and bouncing pearls. Surveyed kids called the treasure room "a game within a game" because they loved watching the active treasure!

Above Gold from Digital Worship
More important than the earthly treasure, however, is what you might gain in head and heart knowledge as you solve, read and meditate on the scripture as you go! 

So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11

Heavens Above

Heaven's Above from Digital Worship Created by a Homeschool Dad!
Heaven's Above from Digital Worship 

In the day, we see blue skies, grey skies, clouds, and the all-powerful sun. At night? The vastness of space. The stars, oh so many stars! The moon, a witness to days and seasons and a producer of tides. And other planets, like ours, and yet not like ours, helping us discern our specialness in the universe.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalm 19:1

Heavens Above is a new iPad app which will help you see God's glory! Designed by a Homeschool Dad, this app is a presentation of 77 space photos gleaned from Hubble Space Telescope and paired with Bible verses on the theme of God's glory. Use them in your devotional time to meditate on God's vast power, His grace, His majesty, and His creativity. Choose one picture a day, or play them all, one after another, like a slide show. You could play your favorite praise music behind the scenes to add to the mood of worship.

Heavens Above includes an amazing image index showing all 77 photos at once, plus a list of definitions to help you identify a spiral galaxy from a globular cluster. The verse index allows you to scroll through all the pictures and their Bible verses.

77 Space Images paired with Bible Verses
77 Space Images paired with Bible Verses

Bible Shuffle

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
I'd like to introduce you to BIBLE SHUFFLE, a Christian iPad app that the husband of the author of Colleen's Quest  recently developed and is now available at the App Store!  This educational app provides basic Bible drill practice, helping students learn to order the books of the Bible in a fun way.

BIBLE SHUFFLE allows players to start slow, ordering individual divisions of the Bible, such as the gospels (4 books) or books of law (5 books), but graduates as quickly as desired to ordering the entire Old and New Testaments.  Beginners can use the "Study" section to see the books in correct order for each division before they tackle the timed round.  And there is a "Hint" button players can tap which reveals the next book in order, in case they get stuck.  Using the hint button takes time, so they will soon drop this habit in order to beat the clock.

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
Student Score Sheet
BIBLE SHUFFLE captures the speed students order each division, and uses the times to allow them to advance through 5 levels:  Beginner, Student, Scholar, Expert and Champion.  They can see exactly how fast they need to be in order to achieve the next level -- and, trust me, those final levels are really challenging!

Homeschool or classroom teachers can check student scores to see how many divisions each student has completed and how their times are progressing.  Up to 12 student names and scores may be stored at a time on one copy of BIBLE SHUFFLE.  

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
Example of One Division
The score times energize students' competitive natures as they try to get faster times than their friends, siblings or parents, "inadvertently" memorizing the books as they progress.

The graphics for this game are colorful, but simple.  They do not distract from the learning process.  This game could be played during class-time by students who have finished other work early, or as a Bible drill practice for an entire class (or family) at once.  Actually, anytime is a fun time to play this game!

BIBLE SHUFFLE rewards students with applause, encouraging words, and fireworks with the completion of each division.  They are awarded medals for each level achieved.  Bible verses adorn each page, reminding students of the glory and importance of God's Word.

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I was not given any products nor compensation for this giveaway - other than treasurers in Heaven.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Going to the Birds, Literally!

Audubon Birds of Prey SanctuaryThis week, in conjunction with studying Flying Creatures, we took a field trip to Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary.

This center is unique because they take injured Birds of Prey (Raptors - Eagles, Falcons and Owls), rehabilitate them and then if possible, release them back into the wild.  The birds that are not able to be released become welcomed members of the sanctuary.
Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Currator with Barred Owl

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Birds Currently in Clinic

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
A new member at Audubon - Crested Caracara

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Red-Tailed Hawk

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
An Eagle taking a bath!

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Representation of an Eagle's nest

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
A beautiful Bald Eagle!

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Great Horned Owl

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Screech Owl

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
A Screech Owl that has a birth defect and cannot regulate it's own body temperature!

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
American Kestrel - the smallest Falcon in North America!

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
My boys having a great time!

Audubon Birds of Prey Sanctuary
The grounds of the sanctuary are beautiful and peaceful! other news, this week my youngest studied Da Vinci and my olders studied Michelangelo in art.

It's hard to tell from the photos, but, everyone did a nice job!

Van Gogh's Starry Night - Texture!
Van Gogh's Starry Night - Texture!

Da Vinci - Botanicals
Da Vinci - Botanicals

Da Vinci - Botanicals
Da Vinci - Botanicals

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ShapelyGirl Cardio Toning with Weights DVD GIVEAWAY!

Over the past 2 months I've had the awesome privilege of using Toning with Weights DVD from ShapelyGirl in my workout schedule.

Previously I was getting about 2 workouts a week in at the local YMCA.  That was mostly cardio and leg press machines.  If I added upper body on those same days, I just felt drained afterwards.  Having 4 kids and feeling drained is not a good mix.

The plan was to alternate YMCA workout days with toning exercises .  That rarely panned out.

That's one of the reasons why this video has been such a blessing.  Founder Debra Mazda is very motivating.  Thank goodness she believes "Fitness Comes in Many Sizes"  Because of this, I enjoy working out to her videos as I do not feel the added stress of trying to  look like a barbie doll or being able to do ridiculously difficult routines in order to 'get my sweat on'.  I can definitely see how this video would be a blessing to those seriously overweight or had 'tender' legs as it is all low impact.

The workout in Let's Get Moving 2 is approximately 40 minutes.  Happily, it's 40 minutes that leaves you feeling 'worked-out' without the 'I've been hit by a truck' feeling.  After a warm up, Debra alternates arm exercises with light weights and plain low impact cardio. 

Hurrah!  I can function using this DVD on opposite days from my workout at the gym!

With the holiday season upon us, whether you want this for yourself or to give as a gift, you can enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As a member of the CWA Review Crew, I received a copy of Cardio Toning with Weights DVD to giveaway.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SINGINGCoach Giveaway!

Looking to practice your vocals or for that perfect holiday gift for a friend who suffers from 'Can't-carry-a-tune-itis'?

I have a solution for you!

Read my review of SINGINGCoach and then enter to win a download of this fabulous software!

 Do you suffer from Can't-carry-a-tune-itis?

 Pitch suffers of the world unite! There's hope for you yet!

 How do I know?

 As one who suffers from the above malady, I found relief in SINGINGCoach!

 From their website:

How It Works
The concept behind SINGINGCoach is simple: it can be hard to tell if you’re singing in tune! But SINGINGCoach shows you your voice as you sing. Our program uses a patented pitch tracking line technology that analyzes your pitch in real time and shows you if you are too high, too low, or right in tune. It happens so fast you can actually adjust your pitch to correct each note as you sing. With just a little practice you will learn to do it automatically! Your scores will go up to prove it. In very little time, you will sing with confidence and once you are confident your tone will improve. 

 The Secret IngredientThe secret ingredient of SINGINGCoach is the ability of the software to transpose (that’s a music term for “move up or down”) each song so that it fits comfortably in your vocal range. All you do is select whether you are a high, medium, or low singer (the technical terms are soprano, alto, tenor, etc.) and then the software takes over. It even allows you to slow down a song so that you can learn to sing it in tune at a slower tempo. Once you are confident you can “take it up to tempo.” 

Created by brother and sister, Carlo and Alix Franzblau, SingingCoach is a very unique program!!

Our experience: 

My children, ages 13, 10, 8 and I couldn't wait to get started. Despite not having a manual to navigate the program, it didn't take long to figure out how to set your vocal range and warm up. Next, we jumped right in, choosing a beginning song and whether to have the screen view that fine tunes the vocalists singing (showing flat or sharp) or a general "line drawing" across the music which tracks the pitch.

We all had a blast taking turns seeing who could hit the most notes. The program keeps a record of accuracy and tells you how you did at the end of each song. The songs range from beginning, intermediate and advanced so when you are ready for the next level, there are more titles to challenge you.

I have always wanted to learn how to sing, but lessons were out of the question. I love that this reasonably priced program gives you instant feedback. Best of all, my pitch IS improving!

SingingCoach would also make a fun family night activity!

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Disclaimer: I received a download of SINGINGCoach free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lilla Rose Flex-clip Giveaway & Special Offer!

Lilla Rose - Open Heart Dangle
Lilla Rose - Open Heart Dangle

We love these sturdy flex-clips from Lilla Rose.  They hold a hairstyle very well even under the most strenuous of exercise.  My 9 year old daughter wanted a clip with 'dangles' that could do a more 'formal' upsweep with her headfull of thick hair.  She decided on the size small Open Heart Dangle.

 If you have a daughter with long hair, you know how difficult it can be to get her hair to stay put all day long.  Equally as difficult is getting a clip or hair tie tight enough to hold a style without pulling a handful of hair out either while putting the hair style up or taking it out.  This is a huge problem for my daughter!
Lilla Rose - Open Heart Dangle
Lilla Rose - Open Heart Dangle

In addition to multiple uses for the hair,  these clips make great fashion accessories worn with a scarf as well.

X-small Festive Fallen Leaf
X-small Festive Fallen Leaf

My long-time friend, Heather is a Lilla Rose consultant.  She's a stylish and frugal Queen of 9 children - so I knew these clips had to be practical, affordable and feminine.

Meet Heather:

"Blessings to all of you! So thankful to have the opportunity to be an act in Lisa's circus! As a homeschooling mother myself to my 9 blessings, I know the circus life well ;). My name is Heather Mason, and I've known Lisa many years. We even share the same birthday!

I'm so thankful to have found a unique solution to my hair dilemma ;). No time to fix it, tired of cheap plastic claw clips and poky clips that break! Lilla Rose flexi clips are comfortable, beautiful, durable hair jewelry! I feel pretty and "put-together"! My daughters and I have been enjoying new hairstyles and more "good hair days"!!"

Here's the deal!  For the next 7 days, you can enter to win a Lilla Rose Flex-clip of your choice valued at up to $16!  Read the Rafflecopter below for more details and PLEASE check out this short sizing video to help you choose the right size clip.  (Trust me, you can hold a LOT of hair in a small clip!)

And, just in time for Christmas -  Buy any 3 clips from my party on Heather's website and receive a certificate for another clip FREE.  (Value of free clip up to $16).  This special expires on November 25, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received an Open Heart Dangle Flexi Clip free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once a Month Cooking - Cycle 6!

It was another full day of Once a Month Cooking.  My cooking partner, Jen, and I made 31 meals for $170 per family.  Many of these meals will be for multiple dinners, so, we are expecting this cycle to last us until the beginning of the new year.

Menu includes:

Pork Chops in Orange Sauce
Pork Chops in Gravy
Sesame Ginger Slow Cooker Chicken
Chicken Pot Pie
Tator Tot Casserole
Veggie Meatball Soup
Teryaki Roast
Apricot Pork Roast
White Chili
Chicken Supreme
Asian Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Pizza Rolls
Smothered Burritos
Stuffed Peppers
Tomato, Basil, Cheese Pasta
Barley Burger Stew
Sausage Spinach Pie
Upside Down Fettuccine Bake
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
BBQ Chicken
Chicken Creole
Ham Quiche
Ham Dinner Slices
Turkey Burgers
German Dinner
Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Mac and Cheese and Ham
Taco Meat


Ham4 cups cubed, 16+ slices
Grnd Turkey(saute)14 lbs
Grnd Turkey(raw)10 lbs
Chicken breasts18
Chopped chicken14cups

4 cans
Chicken parts36 lbs
Pork roast14 lbs
Pork chops24
Mild Italian Sausage3 lbs
brats3 lbs
Bacon 1 pkg


Chopped Green Pepper12 + 12 cups
Chopped Onion28cups
carrots1 bag
baby carrots32 oz
garlic1 jar
Lemon Juice1
orange juice2/3cup
Chopped celery3cups
red skins2 lb


Mont Jack3cups
Ched Cheese22cups
Sour cream40 oz
Cottage cheese24 oz
Parm cheese4cups
Mozz. Cheese12cups
Ricotta28 oz
1/2 & 1/2 2 cups
Butter1 pkg
Velveeta1 blk



Garlic powder


cooking oil

chili powder






soy sauce4cups





mayo1 1/3 cups
onion powder

dijon mustard

brown sugar2 cups

honey1/2 cups
ketchup1 2/3 cups
bay leaf






mushrooms24 oz
evaporated milk2/3 cups
tom juice92 oz
Tom. Paste16 oz
Tomatoes176 oz
Tom. Sauce80 oz
Taco Sauce16 oz
Chicken broth152 oz

Cream of Chicken20 cups
Chicken Gravy1 cans
Beef gravy2 cans
beef broth2 cans
Apricot Jelly24 oz

Pineapple1 lrg can
bbq sauce1


great northern4cups
flour tort48



Pizza dough2 lrg
Pie crust2
Mixed veggies4 big bags
broccoli40 oz
tator tots2 big bags
spinach20 oz
meatballs2 bags


fettuccine16 oz
shells2 bags
any pasta2 lbs

We've picked our favorites from previous cycles plus added many recipes from Greater Things.

To find out more, check out Why Once-a-Month Cooking? and Once a Month Cooking Tips.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carnival of Homeschooling - Vote! Edition

 So....I'm a day late.  But, none-the-less, this edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling hosted by Sprittibee is filled with a wide variety of articles written by homeschooling households around the country.  Check out this issue!

vote! edition carnival of homeschooling, graphic by maureenspell

Welcome to the VOTE! Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling! If you are new to ‘blog carnivals’, please read the link at the bottom of this post to find out more. This post has many links that take you off-site to other homeschool blogs where you can read their ‘showcased’ article submission. If you would like to submit an article for a future carnival or host the carnival on your site, please see the bottom section to find out how. Each carnival writer has the option to put their compilation to a ‘theme’ if they so choose. Being voting day, I figured it would be good to reflect on the process and the politics of making our voices heard.

In 1787, the passage of the U.S. Constitution gave white male property owners the right to vote if they were 21 years or older. In 1807-1843, a series of acts changed the rules so that any white man could vote. In 1870, all men who were 21 years of age or older – no matter what race – could vote. The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920. In 1971, the 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to 18.

As homeschoolers we normally are very active participants in politics because over the years, there have been many struggles to protect or gain freedom to educate our children without government interference. There are many grassroots political organizations that monitor bills that come across the state and federal levels in respect to parental and educational rights. One of these organizations is HSLDA (national) and another here in Texas, my home state, is THSC.

Now for the rest of the Carnival…

Below you will find a varied array of interesting tid-bits from all the frontiers on the homeschool blogosphere… kind of like Voting and Homeschooling – a melting pot of ideas and peoples who hope to pass on their vision to their children!

In-between the submissions from other homeschool bloggers, you’ll find some voting history and facts. If you have a post on your own blog that fits the theme, feel free to link up in our comment section to share it. Hopefully you’ll get some traffic from other homeschool parents looking for resources to teach their children about the importance of participating in the nation’s future.

Please also leave a comment to let these fine folks know you appreciate their contribution to the homeschooling community online with their blogs. Isn’t it great to have a community of people to share with and glean from online? I love my homeschool friends and mentors that I have met through blogging.
Election Prayers by Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool
To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool by NerdWallet
How Toastmasters has helped me with our homeschool co-op by Why Homeschool
Flags #Texas #usa #America #iphone #blue #sky
Voting affects people’s lives because the people we put in office have the ability to change existing and create new laws. They govern in our courts and influence societal norms. They make decisions on whether our country will send soldiers in to battle. They decide the fate of our country’s finances – passing that burden on to the taxpayer, or sometimes, the taxpayers’ children. The right we have as American citizens to vote is something men and women have suffered and even died for in our history as a nation. It should be passed on to our children as an honored privilege.
Government & Election Resources by Spell Out Loud
A Homeschooler Thinks About The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg by Tea Time with Annie Kate
Benefits of Homeschooling For Society by Homeschool vs Publicschool
Badge - 2008 election
Voting is about taking responsibility. It is about being alert and diligent – caring about the direction the nation is going and our fellow man. Voting is about passing on our ideals to the next generation and protecting liberties that we hold sacred. It doesn’t matter who you are – those truths are nonpartisan.
Election Day {Printables and Learning} by Milehimama
Are You Willing to Stand in the Breach by Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness
Am I doing enough? by Trivium Pursuit
He who is threatened by another’s faith, is not secure in his own.
– Sheila Matechuk –
All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.
– James Madison –
Photo above is Jenn from Daze of Adventure – who took her children to EVERY political rally in Florida, no matter WHO was speaking – to teach them about the process of campaigning and elections.
I believe it is the mark of a true educator to teach all the positions being presented so that all ideas are on the table… before explaining what your own beliefs or opinions are regarding those positions. Even then, giving a child time to digest and think about those ideas – and even to debate on them – is a step further. Both of my older children have attended debate camp and Teen Court in our local area and have learned from others who are in different walks of life : public school, private school, homeschool – Christian and secular. They have not only had to learn both sides of arguments and criminal cases, but they have had to defend and debate them. I admire parents who are out there teaching their kids to be freethinkers and to value freedom.
Just Vote Christian?
My Thoughts on Effective Citizen-Leaders
by Fresh Perspective
Getting them to learn independently by Notes From a Homeschooled Mom
Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes! by Homeschool Online
Photo by Daze of Adventure
If you don’t think your vote counts, check out these statistics:
In 1645: One vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England.
In 1776: One vote gave America the English language instead of German.
In 1868: One vote saved President Andrew Jackson from impeachment (you know, back when that was really a serious thing).
In 1875: One vote changed France from a monarchy to a republic.
In 1876: One vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency of the USA.
In 1923: One vote gave Adolf Hitler control of the Nazi Party.
Election Day Thoughts by Women Living Well Ministries
Teachers Pay Teachers by New Kid in Class
The Increasing Danger in Public Schools by Barbara Frank Online

This was taken election night 2004. We were doing a presidents, elections and government unit and my kids were so tiny. They are 15 and 13 now. We hadn’t added the 3 and 1 year old to our little family back then. Makes me sad to see these sweet faces and hear their small voices, knowing that our homeschool journey is nearing an end with them, and time has gone by so fast.

We won’t be having liberty torch cupcakes or electoral map jello tonight. We won’t be dressing up like Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty. We won’t be having guests over and doing book reports on all that we studied. But we will be watching the news and praying – and probably staying up WAY too late. We have deep conversations about politics and the world now. We have built the foundations. We are so blessed to have such amazing and bright children. What better reason to want to be plugged in to the world – to help SHAPE it for their future.
Good Citizenship: Taking the Mystery Out of Political Activism by Sprittibee
Worm Farming Adventures by Homeschooling in Buffalo
Approaches to Homeschool: The Summary Post by Letters from Nebby
Did you know that 80% of people in America (according to ABC News) get their news online. They have talked a lot about Twitter tonight (yeah, I know this post is really late). Twitter has 70 million American users. Of those, 60% are women. Are you on Twitter? Are you watching the election live-tweets? I really enjoyed the tweets during the debates.

I try to avoid being too political in my tweets, but during the elections, it’s hard to watch things happen and not feel somewhat responsible for sharing the truth with others who may not know it. I feel it’s my duty to speak out for truth. I don’t really want to make a political platform out of blogging, and you will hardly ever find that kind of stuff on my blog, but I do have a lot less “gaurd up” on twitter.
Tracking the Electoral Votes Activity by Daze of Adventure
How to make a keepsake / family heirloom tablecloth by Homeschool Circus
Nurturing indedpendence in High School by Every Bed of Roses
Who are your candidates? Did you know that there aren’t just TWO parties or people on the ballot this election? There’s much talk about how our two-party system is a failed system. If you listened to the Third Party Debates, there was a lot of great information discussed that would have never made it in the mainstream media debates between Romney and Obama. Show your kids the complete list of political candidates and parties that are on the ballot (at least in some states) in 2012 and watch their minds be blown away. There’s a lot of discussion points there… and unit studies to be created from scratch!
My Summer Fling—Blame it on the Weather by Learning at Home
Sick House by Five in Training for HIM
Lessons Learned: Don’t Mess with Mom by Godfrey Family Farms

How many of you have been phoned from people doing polls about the elections this year? We have!
It seems it has never been such a hard-core political year as it was this campaign for 2012. Everyone has their own predictions on how the final tally will go tonight, but I found this map interesting. It would be a great activity to fill out a map as you see the final votes come in on TV with your kids. We learned about the electoral process during the 2004 elections in our homeschool journey. My kids were little tots back then. I’m going to compare the final outcome with this map and see how close Mr. Karl Rove was to guessing the real numbers. Click the map if you want to go to his website.
Sucks that you can only vote once during the general elections, right? But hey — you can vote EVERY DAY on EVERY DEVICE YOU OWN for your favorite homeschool blogs. Yep, the Homeschool Blog Awards are going on right now at the Homeschool Post. Head over and vote for all 20 categories of homeschool bloggin’ awesomeness. Every day until November 16th!

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