Saturday, November 17, 2012

Digital Worship iPad apps GIVEAWAY!

Have an iPad and looking for some new Christian / Creation-based apps?  Check out Above Gold, Heavens Above and Bible Shuffle from Digital Worship.  Then, enter to win.  One blessed winner will receive a download for each app!

Above Gold

Above Gold from Digital WorshipWhat is valued above gold? God's Word!

Above Gold is a new iPad app where you can earn gold and precious gems when you unscramble Bible verses -- the real treasure!

Designed and developed by a Homeschool Dad, this new app's goal is to help you and your kids learn and meditate on God's Word. You can unlock four levels of difficulty from "easy" to "hardest"...starting with short scripture verses and moving into longer and longer ones. 
Above Gold from Digital Worship
To get the gold, you need to beat the clock to solve the puzzle. Use the golden arrows to roll the letters into the right position and create the verse. You can use hint buttons to reveal the reference, the verse or both, but it will cost you some time. 

More and more loot is added to your treasure chest as you complete each puzzle. By the end, your chest is filled with coins, gems and bouncing pearls. Surveyed kids called the treasure room "a game within a game" because they loved watching the active treasure!

Above Gold from Digital Worship
More important than the earthly treasure, however, is what you might gain in head and heart knowledge as you solve, read and meditate on the scripture as you go! 

So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11

Heavens Above

Heaven's Above from Digital Worship Created by a Homeschool Dad!
Heaven's Above from Digital Worship 

In the day, we see blue skies, grey skies, clouds, and the all-powerful sun. At night? The vastness of space. The stars, oh so many stars! The moon, a witness to days and seasons and a producer of tides. And other planets, like ours, and yet not like ours, helping us discern our specialness in the universe.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalm 19:1

Heavens Above is a new iPad app which will help you see God's glory! Designed by a Homeschool Dad, this app is a presentation of 77 space photos gleaned from Hubble Space Telescope and paired with Bible verses on the theme of God's glory. Use them in your devotional time to meditate on God's vast power, His grace, His majesty, and His creativity. Choose one picture a day, or play them all, one after another, like a slide show. You could play your favorite praise music behind the scenes to add to the mood of worship.

Heavens Above includes an amazing image index showing all 77 photos at once, plus a list of definitions to help you identify a spiral galaxy from a globular cluster. The verse index allows you to scroll through all the pictures and their Bible verses.

77 Space Images paired with Bible Verses
77 Space Images paired with Bible Verses

Bible Shuffle

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
I'd like to introduce you to BIBLE SHUFFLE, a Christian iPad app that the husband of the author of Colleen's Quest  recently developed and is now available at the App Store!  This educational app provides basic Bible drill practice, helping students learn to order the books of the Bible in a fun way.

BIBLE SHUFFLE allows players to start slow, ordering individual divisions of the Bible, such as the gospels (4 books) or books of law (5 books), but graduates as quickly as desired to ordering the entire Old and New Testaments.  Beginners can use the "Study" section to see the books in correct order for each division before they tackle the timed round.  And there is a "Hint" button players can tap which reveals the next book in order, in case they get stuck.  Using the hint button takes time, so they will soon drop this habit in order to beat the clock.

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
Student Score Sheet
BIBLE SHUFFLE captures the speed students order each division, and uses the times to allow them to advance through 5 levels:  Beginner, Student, Scholar, Expert and Champion.  They can see exactly how fast they need to be in order to achieve the next level -- and, trust me, those final levels are really challenging!

Homeschool or classroom teachers can check student scores to see how many divisions each student has completed and how their times are progressing.  Up to 12 student names and scores may be stored at a time on one copy of BIBLE SHUFFLE.  

Digital Worship Announces a New iPad App: BIBLE SHUFFLE
Example of One Division
The score times energize students' competitive natures as they try to get faster times than their friends, siblings or parents, "inadvertently" memorizing the books as they progress.

The graphics for this game are colorful, but simple.  They do not distract from the learning process.  This game could be played during class-time by students who have finished other work early, or as a Bible drill practice for an entire class (or family) at once.  Actually, anytime is a fun time to play this game!

BIBLE SHUFFLE rewards students with applause, encouraging words, and fireworks with the completion of each division.  They are awarded medals for each level achieved.  Bible verses adorn each page, reminding students of the glory and importance of God's Word.

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I was not given any products nor compensation for this giveaway - other than treasurers in Heaven.


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