Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Ups - Alaska!

Alaska Salt Map
Alaska Salt Map showing major land forms
and marking for major cities.
This week in our homeschool, we finished our Alaska mini-unit study.

Starting with geography I read one of my favorite books aloud to the kids as they worked on their salt maps.  (The Year of Miss Agnes!)  Then, we made our way through life in Alaska studying windchill, rainforest (Queen Charlotte Islands to Kodiak Island), whales, mountain building, salmon migration, bears, Iditarod, native people and the Aurora Borelais.  We even played a spirited game of Perils of the Trail.

Alaska unit study
Alaska Unit Study

Blank salt map
Salt map before paint!

Painting salt map
Adding some color

The Year of Miss Agnes
The Year of Miss Agnes - a book about a one room
school house in Alaska

And, in addition to the 'normal' school routine, we took in our local Renaissance Faire and made Thanksgiving Napkin Holders at Home Depot.  Fun for all ages!

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