Saturday, December 29, 2012

A+ Interactive MATH - 1st Grade Review

A+ Interactive math is an easy to use program which includes lesson plans, workbook pages, and answers to all problems in a package that makes planning a breeze for mom!  Plus completed lessons and 'grades' received are all conveniently recorded for you.

If your child enjoys doing math on the computer, then this is a program worth checking into.

A+ Interactive MATH - 1st Grade includes:

1) Multimedia lessons (highly animated lessons that combine all three learning modalities - Audio, Visuals and Text-based instructions)

2) Interactive Q&A which identifies gaps and reinforces learning with step-by-step problem solving instructions using Audio, Visuals and text-based instructions. 

3) Printable worksheets. 

4) Worksheets Solution Guide - A Parent's Manual (with step-by-step problem solving instructions to each worksheet problem). 

5)Printable Exams. 

6) Exams Solution Guide - A Parent's Manual (with step-by-step problem solving instructions to each exam problem). 

7) Curriculum Book (Full year curriculum book in digital format on the CD). 

8) Lesson Plan and, 

9) Reference sheets.

Our experience:

I really liked how easy this program was to install, set up and use.  It does a good job explaining the concepts and providing problems to work through giving the student immediate feedback.

1st grade Table of Contents

Eventhough I do not have a first grader, I had my three school-aged children (who have very different learning styles) look at the program.  My analytical, straight forward child thought the program was fine.  My very social and vocal child that the program was ok.  But, my kinestetic hands-on child thought the program moved too slowly and wouldn't like to learn math in this way.

My only complaint about this program is that the parent must keep up with the Lesson Plans and manually review the requested sections.  Review work is not automatically built into the interactive portion of the program.

****Note added on 1/1/13.  Since the posting of this review, I've been made aware of a few things.  First off, A+ Tutor Soft will soon release a new version for the 1st and 2nd grade which will include "cumulative reviews".   Also, their "Online Homeschool Edition" includes automatically graded worksheets and exams along with automatic recording and reporting. This would be a good choice for parents who are looking for everything completely automated.  (Teaching, Review, Practice, Grading and Reports.)

Check out a DEMO for yourself and see if A+ Interactive Math is a good fit for your homeschool!

I received a cd copy of this program free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This looks like something I might want to look into. I am always looking for something to help the kids enhance their learning.