Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Break 'Plans'

We are on the cusp of Christmas break!  I've found throughout the years that too much downtime leads to chaos in our household.  Since we don't have much in the way of extended family plans, we are going to take the next two weeks and work on some special projects.

For my 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son I've made a goal to bring out the You Can Sew! curriculum from Modesty Matters everyday that we are home.  We've been dying to do it more often, but, life doesn't always cooperate!

You Can Sew from Modesty Matters
You Can Sew from Modesty Matters

I'll also be working on the writing curriculum from New Millennium Girls with my 9 year old.

Writing Curriculum from New Millennium Girls
Writing Curriculum from New Millennium Girls

My 11 year old son, much to his dismay, will be working on some math....but, we won't dwell on that !

My 14 year old will chug along with his Geometry and Game Programming from Homeschool Programming.  These are his two favorite subjects and he's close to finishing up both!  He hopes to start math tutoring, so, this is extra incentive for him!
"It's a Tree!" from Homeschool Programming
"It's a Tree" from Homeschool Programming

Besides updating my record keeping and everyday life, I'll be working on reviews from Analytical Grammar and Full-Time Parenting from Israel Wayne.

Beyond that, it'll be time to unwind, run free, meet with friends, curl up with a good book and worship our Savior!

What's your break look like?

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