Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - What do Andy Warhol & Caddie Woodlawn have in Common?

What do Any Warhol & Caddie Woodlawn have in common?

Well....nothing!  Except that my 4th grader studied both this week!

Andy Warhol
My daughter's recreation of his infamous soup can!  (Smudges due to wet glue)

"Andy Warhol fascinated the world with his simple, bright artwork of popular, everyday items and famous people of the 1960's.  He wanted to be remembered as a "can of soup."  Campbell's of course!"
Andy Warhol
Learning how Andy Warhol used color from Meet the Masters

The older kids reviewed art terminology and tried to improved on some techniques as well.

 We continued on with our study of Geography.  This week visiting the mid-western states.

Mid-western states
Mid-western states
 We brought out one of our favorites, Paddle-to-the-Sea and also a new one, Caddie Woodlawn.  I was surprised how much Caddie reminds me of my daughter!
Paddle-to-the-Sea & Caddie Woodlawn
Our selected readings:  Paddle-to-the-Sea (Great Lakes) and Caddie Woodlawn (Wisconsin)

My son started the Progeny Press Literature Guide on Across Five Aprils.  Since the book takes place during the Civil War Era, he reviewed that time in History too.

Across Five Aprils


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