Monday, February 20, 2012

Homeschool Family Question of the Week~Handling Illnesses

Christian Homeschoolers Taking a Stand has just posted their weekly "Homeschool Family Question of the Week" link up.

This week’s question is:

"How do you handle sick days or weeks?"

This week's question came at a most opportune time!  You see, we've had a second round of sickness go through The Circus.  Ironically it happened both times after having set aside time specifically for a wonderful day of fun projects.  

What we do (or don't do) depends on who is sick.  My kids range from 13, 10, 8 and 2.  If it's the older kids, we do some 'video schooling' or reading on their own if they don't have headaches.  If it's my younger two we do a lot of cuddling and I read to them.  Everyone enjoys a good audio book as well.  If I'm sick, it's time to call in Daddy!

So, this week we watched The Battle of Britain, The Hiding Place, Citizen Kane and Bonhoeffer for officially schooling.  The kids did pick some movies for fun as well.  My oldest had a sore throat and was tired, but no headache so he spent most of his extra time reading Tale of Two Cities and helping me with a review from Vocab Cafe.  My 10 year old wasn't sick, so, he helped pick up the slack with the chores and had some extra playtime outside.  My 8 year old preferred hot tea and having Molly read to her and The Nip Napper was up to his usual modes of mischief.  We also broke out Wits and Wagers for those who felt up to playing.

PE and Wednesday Co-op classes were cancelled as well.

As with any illnesses we gauge the severity vs. work that absolutely needs to be done and go from there.

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