Monday, March 11, 2013

Once-A-Month-Cooking - Cycle 7!

Wow!  It's been months since my cooking partner, Jennyfer and I did Once a Month Cooking!

We were a little rusty, but, in 6 hours managed to make 29 meals for $144/family!

Recipes were pulled from various Once-a-Month cooking books, websites or family favorite that freeze well.

To find out more, check out Why Once-a-Month Cooking? and Once a Month Cooking Tips.

Our menu consists of:

Turkey Sausage & Peppers
Chicken Supreme
Asian Roast Chicken
Fettuccine Bake
Spin Sausage Pie
Pork Chops in Orange
Pork Chops in Gravy
Smothered Burritos
Chicken Pot Pie
Tator Tot Casserole
Meatball Soup
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Ham Quiche
Veggie Quiche
Crustless Spinach Quiche
Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Taco Meat
Turkey Burgers
Honey Mustard Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Turkey Sausage
Chicken Packets
French Bread Pizza
Savory Chicken Noddle Bake
Salsa Beef
Ham Slices Dinner
Breakfast Burritos

Our shopping list:

Chicken Breasts 12 breasts
Chicken Parts 30 lbs
Chopped Chicken      24c
Ham 2 cups chopped + 16 slices
Cooked Ground Turkey 20 lbs
Raw Ground Turkey 8
Pork Chops 24 chops
Italian Sausage 3 lb
Bacon 1 pkg
Cream Cheese 3 oz
Mozzarella 16c
Parmesan 5 1/2 c
Cheddar 21c
Monteray Jack 5c
1/2 & 1/2 4c
Eggs 40
Sour Cream 40 oz
Cottage Cheese 80 oz
Ricotta 12 oz
Butter 1 package
Milk 4 c
Chicken Broth 2 cups
Cream Soup 18 c
Mayo 2c
Evaporated Milk 2/3 c
Refried Beans 1 can
Kidney Beans 30 oz
Salsa 40 oz
Tomato Sauce 30 oz
Tomato Paste 12 oz
Diced Tomatoes 61 oz
Spaghetti Sauce 4
Mushrooms 6 cans
Beef Gravy 2 cans
Chicken Gravy 2 cans
pineapple 1 can
Orange Juice 2/3 c
Ketchup 2/3 c
BBQ Sauce 2 containers
Tortillas 24
Bisquick 1c
Fettuccine 16 oz
Lasagna Noodles 16 oz
Shells 16 oz
French Bread 2 loafs
breadcrumbs 1 1/2 c
Ranch Chips 3 c
Frozen Spinach 40 oz
Frozen Broccoli 40 oz
Pie Shells 6
Mixed Veggies 3 big bags
Turkey Meatballs 2 bags
Tator Tots 4 lbs
Frozen Peas 2 cups
lemon 6T
Green pepper 8 c
Onions 12 c
celery 4c
green onions

minced garlic
chili powder
garlic powder
soy sauce 
brown sugar
sesame oil
Worcestershire sauce
Ranch flavoring

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