Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - O Canada!

It has been awhile since our last Weekly Wrap Up.

During this updating hiatus, we have lived through my oldest dissecting a worm, a crayfish AND a fish.  Eventhough the fish was more like jerky, that will remain a memorable experience hearing a room full of high schoolers singing "Fishay Fishay!" to the Mc Donald's song while attempting to cut it open.

In art, the younger set learned about Renoir and the olders worked on shading.  It wasn't a pretty sight and they have requested I skip THOSE pictures!

On to the present!

My 9 year old and I spent the week learning about Canada.  We both really enjoyed looking at the majestic mountains and barren, frozen tundra.

We even tried our hand (or is that mouths) signing O Canada!

And for my French-Canadian readers:

This week, the older kids studied Renoir in Art.  Though it may not seem like a big deal to most, my "one crayon kid" did the watercolor on the left.  He actually made the reflection in the water too....for him, this is probably the longest he ever spent on an "art project" and almost enjoyed it too ;-)

There's an abundance of abandoned cats in our neighborhood.  My kids have befriended two orange tabbies and have taken responsibility in buying food for them, making sure they have water and loving them!

This is 'Elvis',  he has a LOT of poofy hair.  I'm hoping to make friends with him too because he has a lot of matted fur that is beyond combing and needs to be clipped.  He still has his claws, so, I'm hoping to be able to help him without getting shredded!

This is 'Colonel'.  HE has adopted my 11 year old as his human.  He is a total lover!

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