Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Break Away Movie Review & Giveaway!

What do you do with only five loaves and two fish?

You give them to Jesus and watch what HE will do with them.

Break Away is an inspirational story of how God can use a hard situation for His good and glory.

Set in South Africa, the movie opens with Francois, who is a husband, father and business man, loosing his job along with his entire department.


Though he makes a gallant effort to take care of his now unemployed co-workers, it is the recession and jobs are scarce.

Through another misgiving, Francois discovers how God can turn what little he has left into a blessing that literally changes his life - and those around him.  Namely his ex-con brother and humorous bicycle shop owner.

This is definitely an all ages,  family-friendly film.  My kids really enjoyed the accents and scenery.  My husband noted that there were a few parts that moved a bit slow for his taste.  Though some of my ultra conservative friends probably won't appreciate the few shots of a shirtless Francois, the rest of the movie sends a positive, entertaining, inspiring and uplifting message!

You can enter to win a copy of this movie:

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I received a copy of this DVD free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Last movie This Is Our Time. It was a good one!

  2. The last good movie I saw was Wreck-It Ralph.

  3. I saw Parental Guidance with the kids not too long ago. Cute movie.

  4. I recently watched "Bella" with my roommate. It was wonderful!

  5. "This Is Our Time" ~ a great family-friendly, Christian film!