Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kale Chips

Kale is one of the most power-packed, vitamin rich foods from nature you can eat!  But, just HOW do you eat it?

Among juicing, putting it in smoothies and sauteing, we decided to try our hand making Kale Chips.

First, rinse Kale well.  Break off the stems and either rip into smaller pieces or cut with a knife.

Next, toss with Sea Salt and Olive Oil.

Place it in your dehydrator at the lowest setting to preserve nutrients -or- use an oven on the lowest setting with the door cracked open until Kale is dry.  Drying times will vary!

This is what our Kale looked like when it was done.  Kale Chips met with mixed reviews at our house.  After experimenting with the amounts of Sea Salt and Olive Oil, it seems that the more palatable chips had more Olive Oil on them then the 'lighter' versions.

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