Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan DVD Review!

Mother India  is a documentary showing life through the eyes of India's abandoned.  Numbering a staggering 31 million, these orphans have been left behind to suffer while India experiences a record growing economy.

Set in S.E. India, Tenali is an agricultural center that attracts orphans because of the location of a major railway junction.

As captured by Americans David Trotter and Shawn Scheninoha, they get a first hand, up close feel for this life of desperation when they befriend a group of 25 children living together near the railway.

Walking where the children walk, sleeping where the children sleep, the film makers hear and see how they survive and the realities of their street life.

The groups' "leader", Reddy, explains how the kids came to live in the group.  The kids take turns answering questions and sharing their heart breaking stories.

One such story is 2 young siblings, Polayya and Koteswari who were recently abandoned.  Trotter and Scheninoha realize these children don't have to suffer that same bleak future and take steps to try to get them rescued through Harvest India -- a safe haven in the darkness!

This was definitely an eye opening movie!  I would recommend it for mature audiences as there's discussion of the "red light district", HIV and needle use.

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  1. The last good movie (good enough that I would buy the DVD) I saw was "Moonrise Kingdom". It was excellently cast with an eclectic soundtrack.