Monday, June 10, 2013

Mega-Meal Monday! Chicken Broccoli & Meatball Soup

I've been privileged to do Once-A-Month cooking with my friend Jen over this past year.  (Visit Jen HERE!) Not only does it save on time, money, and sanity, it helps keep those trips to the drive-thru a thing of the past.

Since my cooking partner is Super Mom during the summer serving her church and community with Weeks of Hope AND Work Camps, this leaves me without a freezer full of meals.


I admit that taking on the task of doing all that prep work and assembling by myself is daunting.  There is another way I can still stock my freezer with pre-made food.

It's called Mega-Cooking or Mega-Batch Cooking....

The basis is simple.  If you make one recipe for a meal that freezes well, why not make more than one??  One to eat the day of and the rest to freeze!

So with that, here's my first recipe of my Mega-Meal Summer!

The recipes for Chicken & Broccoli Casserole and Meatball Soup can now be found at Tales of a Homeschool Family.....

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