Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Elizabethan England, Promotions, Planning & How the Woolly Mammoth Really Became Extinct

I can hardly believe that this marks the end of Unit 2 in Tapestry of Grace.  Wow, has time has flown!!!

In addition to keeping up with this week's learning, I hammered out planning Unit 3.  Since I've got a firm handle on the flow for my Dialectic & Rhetoric students, I feel confident adding my Upper Grammar student.

This week's reading:
Elizabethan England

We also attempted to watch a movie on Mary Queen of Scots that was too painful to watch all the way through and one on Queen Elizabeth that was a tad bit better.

Also in the planning phase:  Apologia General Science schedule for co-op and combination American Girl Marie-Grace/Cecile/French/1850's time period rough-draft lapbook for our Keeper's of the Faith co-op.  

What can I say, it's been a good but busy week for planning!

In addition my daughter moved from the beginning rank to advanced at Kempo earning her purple belt!

BEFORE belt testing......

AFTER belt testing!

And, in case you've ever wonder what REALLY happened to the Woolly Mammoth, Napoleon gives you a hint....

On to Early American history!

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