Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Plymouth and a Finished Fort!

Jamestown Fort

"Hey, isn't that the Powhatan Indian tribe and Jamestown settlers?"

" Why yes, it is!"

"Isn't this Wrap Up supposed to be about the Pilgrims?"

" Why yes, it is!"

Jamestown Fort

Our crew finished their Jamestown fort and wanted to put it on display first!

Working diligently, the fort and surrounding area was painted.  Inner buildings built, changed, rebuilt and glued down.  Trees and forest constructed and figures put in their places.

See the rest of the fort HERE.....

There is just SOOO much possible reading for this Early American Colony!  This is our 'required' reading:

Plymouth reading

This is extra or for fun reading:

Sadly, the Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce from the My America Series contained numerous errors!!

Plymouth reading

In other news, I had some special time alone with just my 3 year old.  After painting several masterpieces, we took off for our local Science Center.

The Nip Napper enjoying the Clifford area!

Also enjoying The Blue Man Group sound area!

Stop in next week for Other European Colonies in America.


  1. I just discovered the Jamestown TOOB at Joann a couple of months ago and planned to make a "scene" of Jamestown this fall when we study about Jamestown. I love that your post popped up in my reader and you had the same idea! Now I can show my kids a visual before they start creating so that they know what I am talking about. Love how yours turned out!

    1. Brenda - that's great! I hope your kids have as much fun building their fort as did ours. It was definitely a memory maker! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lisa,
    We just finished our fort this past week, so I thought I would show you what we did. I hope you don't mind, I included a link to your blog on my post so that people could see another "fort" idea. My kids had SO much fun doing this and they retained so much! Even my 4-year-old can tell me what happened to the people at Jamestown. So fun! Here it is: