Saturday, August 31, 2013

Farewell....until we meet again at another domain...

Do you know what the problem is with living in a circus?

After awhile, it gets loud.

So loud that sometimes it's hard to think

...or to hear your own writer's voice

...or more importantly the voice of The Savior.

I have been on an incredible journey the past 3 years writing Homeschool Circus.

I have met some incredible people.  I have gotten my hands on some incredible homeschool products and have treasured writing reviews.

In many ways, it's been like a perpetual birthday!

As my children get older, I find that it's easier to homeschool.  What I wasn't prepared for was how much more my actions and activities would affect THEM.

Especially with teens, your actions weigh so much more than words.  It isn't enough for me to tell them how to live.  *I* am their living model.

With that it's time for me to dim the spotlights on Homeschool Circus and send the monkey home in order to concentrate on my calling - to share our homeschool journey.  This time with an emphasis on homelife and less on reviews.

Because I value my time as a curriculum reviewer, this site will remain up.  It is my sincere hope that future visitors will still enjoy and glean from those posts.

Thank you again for visiting, reading and commenting over the years!

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