Friday, August 9, 2013

Typecrush Review

Looking for ways to integrate more spelling and fun into your game time?  Check out Typecrush.


What is Typecrush?  From their website:

"Typecrush™ is a word game based on letter frequency analysis—how frequently letters appear in the English language. It's kind of like a color-coded hangman, but way more entertaining and educational. Best for players age seven and older, Typecrush is as simple or challenging as your imagination decides.
There’s only one rule in Typecrush—whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word. That’s it. "
Using the Letter Frequency Chart, the upper colors denote the more frequent letters used in creating words.  And, the bottom colors denote less frequent letters used in word formation.

This game is so fun and easy to play!  Just empty Typecrush's 98 game pieces onto the table.  Pick your word, choose the appropriate discs, turn them over, and then let the guessing begin.

We decided the best way for us to play was to go clockwise around the table giving each player a turn with the Letter Frequency Chart with their guess.  If they choose the correct letter, they get to try to guess the word.  If they miss, it's the next player's turn.


As each letter is guessed, it is turned over until the 'guesser' is able to guess the word correctly.


Well, um....I'd like to think of some great excuse for this one...but, lets just say Typecrush is a great way to work on spelling!!!

My 14, 12 and 9 year olds all agreed that they enjoyed Typecrush and would play it again.  (Also noting that they thought it was a lot more fun than most of the word games out there).  To add to the fun, choose specific categories like states, presidents or food for your words.

Typecrush is great for ages 7+ and retails for $25.

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