We've been hard at play for the past 11 years homeschooling.  Our blessings range in age from 3-14 years.  We are an eclectic bunch seeking the Lord in our daily lives and serving those around us.

This Blog was birthed in November 2009 as a method to sort out my many feelings after the passing of my Father.  Things sat idle until early 2010 when a fellow homeschooling friend suggested I try my hand at reviewing curriculum.  I did and the rest is history!

How did I come up with the name for this blog?  Originally, the title was supposed to have something to do with "Up at Dawn Ready to Work"....but, after looking at my family, I thought our life was more like a Circus.  Not in a bad way, just in a busy way with some THING always happening!

I love reviewing homeschool products to share with other Moms.  I hope you'll bookmark this site to come back and read about various products you are considering throughout the year.

Blog designing done by Heather Randall of  The Unashamed Diary of Just Plain Me .

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