Another aspect of this blog is the ability to chronicle and share our homeschool weekly wrap-ups.  I believe in incorporating as many hands-on activities as possible.  Though mostly time period driven, we've made quite a few memorable crafts, games and recipes.

If you are looking for hands-on activities, please check out Weekly Wrap-Ups.

If you are looking for encouragement, please check out the articles below.

It's ALL about *ME* March Wrap-Up and Results

The Temptation of Sour Grapes

Making a Good Schedule Great!

A Day in Life of Homeschool Circus

Putting Your Activities on the Altar

Preparing for High School

Why Once a Month Cooking?

Tale of Toddlerhood Survival

More on Handling the Morning Wake Up (Encouragement to Kiss Those Rough Mornings Goodbye!)

End of an Era - The Final Packing Away of the Crib

Homeschooling Challenging Middle Schoolers

Being Thankful in the Midst of the Storm

Hospitality - Just Do It!

Homeschool Failure

Do You Suffer From Comparisonitis?

Oh Looky !

Sacrifice - Romans-12:10

Toss Out 25 things

A Letter to the Boys from Management = Clean Rooms for Almost a Year!

My First Gray Hair

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord my Provider

It's Time for the Happy Dance! A Treasure Found!

Merry Christmas From the Circus

Five Year Look Back on Cross Country Move. Was it worth it?

Of Geology and God

Need More Living Space? Cut Your Bathroom in Half!

Traumatized by Sesame Street

Inspiring a Little Girl

FINALLY - I Own my Dream House!

DANGER! The Ban on SHARP and Lead Containing Rocks!

Chores - Finding a Solution That Works

What's an Analytical, Artistically Challenged Mom to do with a Creative Kid?

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